IMG_5259   hi. i’m tish.

i stumbled into photography in 2010. my girls were gymnasts    and, like any mom, I wanted to capture them competing in their sport. i had a couple obstacles working against me. first, I knew nothing about photography. second, if you’ve ever been in a gym, you know the lighting situation was less than ideal. and third, gymasts are in constant motion. at first, my husband did the research for me, buying me a new lens and then a new camera. upon receiving the new camera, my determination to learn the workings of the camera, led me on a journey I had never expected. i fell in love with photography, learning everything I could from my camera manual, blogs and online photography groups. i started a blog, Le Mie Foto, to keep track of my progress. not longer after, i had friends asking me to photograph them and their families. after many sessions, i began my business venture.

i love photographing people in natural light. i strive to take natural portraits –  i love to capture who you are and what makes you, you. i strive to reflect that in my work.

i look forward to meeting you!


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